The Hottest Day


It’s a little after 8 AM and it looks like it’s gonna be a hot one today (or it is supposed to one of the hottest days since January). I actually should be coming back from my morning 5-mile run right now, but instead, I’m here blogging. Why not? There are 24 hours in a day. Yeah, I’ll be ready for the Broad Street Run by May 5th. Of course. Maybe. That said. I did get some early morning writing done. So all of today’s goals are not lost. I can always run in the evening where I’ll still be able to take advantage of the very warm weather were going to have.

Anyway, right now a hot cup of coffee and toast is about to be had while I watch CNBC. Yes, when I’m not thinking about erotica(sex on the brain) I think about the other things that contribute to my livelihood. I’ll be checking on some pending earnings announcements on a few big companies.  I’m looking at Proctor & Gamble, Coke, and eBay in particular – note I will never recommend stocks on here or say what stocks I own, but I will let you know what stocks look interesting or peak my interest and leave it at that.  I trade and invest in stocks when I’m not putting pen to paper writing stories. One pays the bills faster than the other. A good book BTW on the subject of investing in stocks is The Neatest Little Guide to Stock Market Investing. I own quite a few books on the subject and this, in my opinion, is one I think pretty much anyone can read casually and gain a basic understanding of the stock market and investing.

More about my morning ritual(s) I like to catch Jim Cramer’s segment in the morning on CNBC. I don’t normally catch his show Mad Money in the evenings. Some people have a love or hate for Cramer, but I think he has some great insights on a lot of companies that tend to be of interest to most viewers or investors. On that note let me get to trading and I’ll catch you all on the flip side! Have a great day!

PSA:  I will post a book of the day of a book I’m currently reading or have read. It will likely be various types of books as I’m always reading (fiction. non-fiction, self-help, how-to, etc.) Books I mention in passing like I did with the book I mentioned above won’t count as the book of the day.  In this case, it’s just part of the conversation.  Think of it as a bonus. 🙂  

Book of the day on my bookshelf or on my KindleMichelle Obama’s memoir, ‘Becoming’. An almost conversational read as though you were sitting in the same room with her as she tells her story. 

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And I’m back…Again

So he says for the second time in a long time. But I come back with good news. I completed the erotic novella I mentioned I was working on sometime a while back. I  first completed the ebook version of the novella in July 2018. I recently completed the paperback version of the book this month – April 20, 2018, to be exact.  Yes, it’s a bit of a gap. I was going through something personal which I may discuss on a later blog post. I’m excited about it as this is my first published novel(la).  The not quite a novel novel. But, hey! It’s baby steps progression. Short stories, novella, then novel (stay tuned).

The name of my erotic novella is “The 86th Floor”.  It’s available on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback formats. It’s actually a 2500 word short story I decided to extend into a novella. What’s it about you ask? It’s about an up and coming millennial couple – novelist Ty Jones and his girlfriend Mia Méndez an executive chef. They’ve been together for a few years and are looking to spice up their sexual relationship since sex in the usual places just isn’t cutting it anymore. Although they’ve always been naturally creative and adventurous about their love life, they still wanted to push the envelope of the sexual bucket list of things to check off. Mia takes matters into her own hands and comes up with an idea of how they can have sex outdoors atop a scenic skyscraper. The question is can they pull off this new fantasy without getting caught? It’s a fun and humorous erotic comedy.  I had fun writing it. I hope my readers will have fun reading it. Maybe they’ll even leave a review on how they feel. Below are graphic links to both formats of the book.

The 86th Floor - Book Cover_SmallDef (EB)  The 86th Floor - 3D_smaller(PB)

In my next blog post, I’ll talk about what I’m working on next and maybe or topics up for discussion…Stay tuned. And thanks for stopping by. Peace!





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Back to writing

I’m baaack!  Yes, it’s been a good while since I’ve lay pen to paper (or keystrokes to laptop for that matter).  I haven’t written for a few reasons I won’t get into, but a fair percentage involved my just being lazy.  I must have had delusions that the erotic stories filling my head would write themselves. Unfortunately, six years later they have not written themselves.  But I’m back now.  And in 2017 looking to be very productive again. My mind has been raging to a point now where I feel I have no choice but to pull these stories out of my head and get to actually writing them.

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I enjoy writing erotic multicultural, urban, and romantic suspense stories.  My first published story, ‘Mandatory Overtime’ is featured in Zane’s Eroticanoir Anthology: Caramel Flava, which made the New York Bestsellers List in its first week. I’m currently working on two urban erotica novels and various short story projects to keep my wordsmithing sharp.

Why do I write erotica and what do I love best about it?

I write erotica because it comes naturally to me. And it can be incorporated into just about any genre. I’m a very, very, very sexual being. To the point where I want to share what goes on in my mind. And what better way to share erotic thoughts (without getting into trouble) than to put in the form of an erotic story. What I like best about erotica is that you can blend reality and fiction into a story and still call the whole thing fiction. As a writer, some of the best parts of a story come from your life experiences. Whether you were involved directly or indirectly in those experiences. An when you have the ability to mesh the these with your imagination your finished product comes off as something readers can really delve into and becoming one with your story. And at the end of the mix of it all, no one knows what was pulled from reality and what wasn’t. All that really matters is that the reader comes away entertained that and thoroughly satisfied.

One of my favorite stories I’ve written was a short story titled,  The Gerswins, which is part of an anthology called SWING! Adventures in Swinging by Today’s Top Erotica Writers.

This story is about an interracial race couple with busy lives that contemplates getting back into the swing of things (pun intended). It’s been a while for this sexy hard working couple. Somehow a swing club membership card (that still has some life in it) is found and that’s when things start to get rolling with this busy couple who barely have time for each other, but deep down really want to put the spark back into their sexual lives. What a way to kick things off than to make use of live membership card at your favorite swing club. Here’s an excerpt from my story ‘The Gerswins’:

“…Anyway, Mikel, it just so happens that last month I came across our membership card to the Hedo Den Swing Club. And guess what?”
“What, dear?”
“Our membership doesn’t expire until next month. Actually about three weeks after your birthday.”
“So you withheld this important information from me, why?”
“Well, like I said I didn’t think either of us would be entertaining the thought to even do this anymore.”
“Okay. Enough said. Let’s go for it! I want us to go swinging on my birthday next week,” he said with assurance.
Zuri looked at his childish behavior, shook her head and smiled. “Mikel, what do you think the chances are of your librarian friend buying into this lifestyle. You know it’s not for everyone. And how do you suggest we approach her?”
“I haven’t thought that deep about it since we’re just now discussing it. But I think we might have a chance.”
“What do you mean?”
“Well, she’s been checking me out.
“That’s her job, Mikel. To check you out,’ she said cunningly.
“Don’t be funny. You know what I mean.”
“Big deal. I’m always checking men out.”
“And this makes her a swinger.”
“No, it makes her at the very least a potential swinger. She doesn’t just give me a passing glance. I can feel her eyes.”
“You can feel her eyes ripping your clothes as she checks out your books that you’re so not reading. This gives her swing potential?” she said laughingly.
“Ha!  Funny. You’re not a man so you wouldn’t know?”
“Oh, thank the heavens I’m not a man. You have it so rough getting eye-fucked by a pretty librarian.”
“Yeah, it’s just one of the perks that come with my library card.”

You can get a copy of Swing! on Amazon.  Enjoy a great read! Available on Kindle!

What am I working on now?

I’ve been working on an erotic novella. I may go as far making a full novel if it keeps going the way it’s going.  This project is basically of the nature where a Cougar (an over 40 woman still in the prime of her life) has every intention of devouring a young delicious man for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and sometimes as a late night snack. Her prey literally has no choice in the matter.  Well, of course, he does, but when you have a hot as hell cougar with the stamina of a twenty-five-year-old on the prowl all logic might just as well go out the window.

Thank you!  I hope you’ll enjoy my blog.


Keeb Knight

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