And I’m back…Again

So he says for the second time in a long time. But I come back with good news. I completed the erotic novella I mentioned I was working on sometime a while back. I  first completed the ebook version of the novella in July 2018. I recently completed the paperback version of the book this month – April 20, 2018, to be exact.  Yes, it’s a bit of a gap. I was going through something personal which I may discuss on a later blog post. I’m excited about it as this is my first published novel(la).  The not quite a novel novel. But, hey! It’s baby steps progression. Short stories, novella, then novel (stay tuned).

The name of my erotic novella is “The 86th Floor”.  It’s available on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback formats. It’s actually a 2500 word short story I decided to extend into a novella. What’s it about you ask? It’s about an up and coming millennial couple – novelist Ty Jones and his girlfriend Mia Méndez an executive chef. They’ve been together for a few years and are looking to spice up their sexual relationship since sex in the usual places just isn’t cutting it anymore. Although they’ve always been naturally creative and adventurous about their love life, they still wanted to push the envelope of the sexual bucket list of things to check off. Mia takes matters into her own hands and comes up with an idea of how they can have sex outdoors atop a scenic skyscraper. The question is can they pull off this new fantasy without getting caught? It’s a fun and humorous erotic comedy.  I had fun writing it. I hope my readers will have fun reading it. Maybe they’ll even leave a review on how they feel. Below are graphic links to both formats of the book.

The 86th Floor - Book Cover_SmallDef (EB)  The 86th Floor - 3D_smaller(PB)

In my next blog post, I’ll talk about what I’m working on next and maybe or topics up for discussion…Stay tuned. And thanks for stopping by. Peace!





About keebknight

I'm an urban fiction writer born in London raised between Detroit and Philadelphia (Philly) - where I've resided for a majority of my life. I'm currently working on multiple writing projects from short stories to novels. My work includes a story titled 'Mandatory Overtime' featured in an Eroticanoir Anthology: Caramel Flava edited by Zane. And title 'The Gerswins' has recently been accepted to be published in an erotic anthology called SWING! edited by Jolie Du Pre which is due to be released in the coming months. Stay Tuned!
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